Sleeping companions

In No kennels please, Sleeping soundly, What's important on June 20, 2010 at 8:29 pm

Shelley, my mommy, brought me home and played with me for like two hours, and then she left. She had to go somewhere important, but I didn’t agree with her. I’m important, particularly as her new best friend. She should have stayed with me, so we could get to know each other.

Her mommy – her name’s Mary – put me in this box thing called a kennel after she turned out the lights. “Goodnight, Zoey,” Mary said and walked down the hall and disappeared, leaving me alone in a box in the dark. I cried and cried. And I waited. A long time later, my mommy came up to my kennel with two other women, and they all held me, and I heard how cute I was. And I liked it. The women left, and Mommy took me outside and told me to go potty. What’s that? I sniffed around the yard and came back and when I squatted, I heard, “Good girl.” Hmm …

We went inside, and I got a treat – Pupperoni, the best! Mommy took the kennel downstairs and I followed her. She picked me up and put me back in the kennel. What! Not in there. No! No! I cried and cried and cried. Mommy made a big sigh and took me out of the kennel and into her bed. I slept on the edge of the pillow next to Mommy’s face where I could see her all night. “Only tonight,” she said. I cried the next night, and Mommy took me to her bed. I’ve got it made because by the third night, we were sleeping companions.


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