In Best friends, What's important, Why leave on June 28, 2010 at 3:09 am

I don’t get why I was taken from my birth mother and then my human mommy doesn’t even care enough to stay for two whole days with me. We had a grand time on the first day, playing games with balls and my rolling teddy bear (it’s a hedgehog, I later learned). I liked running after the balls and getting them in my mouth and plopping down to nibble on them.

“Zoey, bring it here,” my mommy said.

I didn’t. I was busy.

My mommy’s mommy kept saying Shelley, and I figured that was her name. I kept hearing Zoey when the mommies talked to me, so I learned my name, but that’s like easy.

Shelley played with me for one day and took off in her car for a really long time, and I didn’t know what to do. Would she come back? Where did she go? Why did she go? I don’t think, considering that I am her best friend, she should just take off, not explaining why. Why? Why?

I hopped on the arm of the chair next to the living room window and watched her red car go. I heard the sound of it hours and hours later when she came home. I ran and ran around the coffee table, yipping with excitement. She’s home! I rolled on my back, and she rubbed my belly. All’s good. And that night, I slept in her bed, like it was no big deal.


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