Smart dogs don’t wear clothes

In Chasing smells, Clothes for dogs?, Discoveries, Let's be friends on July 18, 2010 at 10:09 pm

Why am I wearing a silly bow that matches my silly shirt?

The reason I do not wear clothes is I already have my fur that keeps me warm in the winter, and I pant off the heat. Clothes are not comfortable (itchy in the back where there is a square thing) and get in the way of playing. Besides, I’m a dog, not a person, though I am a very smart dog.

Smartness, however, does not prevent me from forgetting, especially when I am chasing smells or it’s been a long time. That’s why I don’t remember some things about my youth, but I do remember the bird sound. I was listening to the muted barking of dogs neighborhoods away, a growling hum from a thing called a lawnmower (I didn’t know that word back then) and voices coupled with the pant of a dog out on a lucky walk. And then this twittering, high pitched sound that deepened and rose again came to me, and I wondered, what could that be? I looked and looked and could not find the source of the strangest thing to touch my ears.

“That’s a bird,” my mommy said.

Okay. Whatever that is.

I kept trying to find the sound. I could not sniff for it, touch it, it just filled my ears.

And then I learned what birds were, things to chase and potential friends, if only I could catch them and introduce myself. At first, I barked to let them know I was coming, but they flew away. And so I learned that I should sneak up on them and wag my tail. I got closer this way, but they still departed, singing harshly to my ears. Give me a chance, I wanted to bark at the flapping of their wings.


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