Doggie Surgery

In Favorites, Surgery, Vet visits, What's important on August 1, 2010 at 6:25 pm

My new fashion accessory makes straw chewing difficult.

I got surgery when I was eight months old. I had to get my right elbow fixed. I normally like going to the vet, because I get told how cute I am. I wiggle my behind and roll onto my back into my pet-me position. How can Dr. Adams resist? I even overheard him telling Mommy that I’m one of his favorites. He said I’m a sweetie, and he doesn’t mind having me around all day if Mommy has to go to work – like when she drops me off in the mornings when I have to get my shots.

Dr. Adams, however, was not my favorite on August 20, 2009. He gave me a shot, and I don’t remember anything except waking up real groggy. I didn’t even care about cuteness comments and getting pets. I just wanted to sleep, and I didn’t eat.

I slept all day long. And then I got wrapped up in a blanket and carried out to Mommy.

“She looks so glassy eyed,” Mommy said to Dr. Adams as I got transferred into her arms.

Mommy and Dr. Adams talked. I tried to listen and keep my eyes open, but I fell asleep until I got taken to the car, where I slept some more. When we got home, Mommy made me sleep in the cage for three days despite my trauma, despite my crying and very clear message that I wanted to return to my real bed.

What’s worse is that I had to wear a cone thing on my head that stuck out, making me look half plastic-half dog.

Overall, I do not understand the point of that particular vet visit, but now I don’t limp and I can run faster. See Zoey. See Zoey run. See Zoey peel out as she chases cars, birds and feral cats.


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