Don’t Leave!

In Don't leave me all day!, Kiss and make up, My family, Second Mommy on August 8, 2010 at 2:15 am

I don’t like it when Shelley leaves me for long hours at a time. She leaves with a black bag instead of the white bag she uses to carry me around when I want to see the world, something that is hard with my short legs.

Doesn’t she know that I am a puppy and need guidance, love and care to grow up into a well-behaved dog?

As she leaves me, I watch out the window with a sad look on my face. I’ve heard my look called puppy eyes, something that doesn’t make sense. I’m a puppy and I have eyes. I feel different things, so no matter what I’m feeling, I have my puppy eyes. I strain my head to see her as she climbs into the car. Please, please put your black bag away and come back to me.

I follow Mommy’s mom around all day, hoping that she’ll play with me. I like her mommy, too, even though she sometimes gets mad at me. She did especially when I was really little and peed on the carpet. I didn’t quite understand why I should go outside when there were plenty of nice spots inside, but I reluctantly learned the meaning of “no.”

My second mom doesn’t like all of my barking at noises, passing cars and potential friends. She doesn’t like it when I want to go outside to check out the smells and come back inside to search out … oh, is Second Mom eating?

I can tell when I’ve pushed my limits (I’m a miniature dachshund and we, as a breed, like to be manipulative and show our strong wills). I usually  jump up on Second Mom’s lap (as long as she’s sitting) and give her a half-dozen kisses to tell her sorry. Second Mom starts laughing at the kisses, and then I know things are all right, at least until I’m naughty again.


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