Weekend Friends, Part II

In Best friends, Dog communication, Play time, Zoey and Sophie on August 29, 2010 at 10:29 pm

Sophie pins Zoey during a play wrestling match.

During the weekend at Mommy’s dad’s house, I got to play with my friend Sophie, a golden retriever. We had to sniff each other, despite meeting a few day’s ago, to get an update on what yards we’ve dug into and naughty things we’ve done.

Sophie dug up some flowers and chased balls. I just had a bath, so I wasn’t as easy to read.

After taking care of the first course of business, we touched noses. Yes, let’s play we said as we wagged our tails. I ran and looked behind me to see Sophie skipping up to me. I stopped and did my play bow with my front paws bent at the elbow and my behind in the air. Sophie did hers.

We wrestled, and we chased. We rolled, or I did, as Sophie licked the top of my head. She pushed at me, making me move across the floor in a slow slide. I hopped back. And we got started in our wrestling match. I won – mainly because I could become the bigger dog by sitting on chairs, couches and people’s laps and looking down at Sophie. Needless to say, I had the advantage.

I heard Mommy tell her dad she was proud of me.

“She’s usually scared of big dogs,” Mommy said.

And off we went, Sophie and I, to explore my backyard. I showed her the digging spots and the place under the tree where the branches umbrella over the ground. It’s a great shady hideaway. We touched noses and communicated with barks and sniffing and, off I go, chase me. And she did. She saw Zoey run. And man can I run!


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