Dog Sitting Overkill

In Dog sitting, I have questions, Looking for friends, Why leave on September 5, 2010 at 10:10 am

Shelley works for a newspaper, while I like to sit on them. Notice the word "toy"?

Why is Mommy going on and on about my needing to be babysat? Do you think our wolf ancestors needed babysitters? I just need a pack, and I don’t care if there’s a duck or a kitten thrown in to the mix. I just want friends, and how can I make friends if my requests out the front window are not heard by my fellow kind on leashes? They hear me, I know, because their ears perk up, but they fail to look my way, likely because they are trained. And they probably have dog sitters.

Mommy should stay home with me, forget all that leaving me. For what purpose does she go? What the heck is she doing in the outdoors? What reason is there for her to leave five days in a row, then not for two days?

I have so many questions and no way to ask them. I understand what Mommy says, but she doesn’t understand and is unable to translate my barking.

Why would you leave cute me at home for eight hours? Okay, gotta run!


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