Goodbye Zoey?

In Discoveries, Dog communication, My Dad, Why leave on September 12, 2010 at 4:52 pm

Dad made this shelf for me, so I can look out the window.

Did I do something bad? Mommy left me at her Dad’s house. I’m looking out the window for her, but she’s not coming back. I don’t understand. She gave me lots of kisses before she left, but I thought she was trying to cuddle with me, which is all right, I guess, but I would rather play.

I see other dogs on leashes and people walk by, and I bark. I bark at the semis and loud trucks that drive by on the highway in front of Dad’s house. I call him Dad because he calls me his little girl and sweetie. I’m not even one year old, and because I was taken away from my parents, I admit I still need some guidance.

Oh, where is Shelley? I yelp, yelp. I whine. I lower my head to my paws and lift up sad eyes. The world is not bringing her back …

All right, I must get used to my new situation. I jump off the window ledge onto the futon and bark at the front door. I run and run around the back yard, exploring all the new smells: grass, the grain elevator, a cat from somewhere close by and dogs next door. I bark. They bark back, and we start talking. I forget about Mommy for awhile.


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