My Two Back Yards

In Back yard princess, Confusion, Two homes on October 4, 2010 at 3:50 am

I am surveying one of my back yards.

It’s confusing going back and forth between two places. I have to explore each one, get reacquainted with the smells and find out if there are any new ones. I have to run the perimeters of my two back yards. What have I missed? I say hello to the neighbor dogs at Mommy’s house. I try to find the feral cat at Dad’s. The ground at both houses has my tracks worn in, so I know I’m not forgotten and that I’ve made my mark.

I don’t have a favorite person, really I don’t. I love everybody who loves me. I want them to see how cute I am. I want to be greeted and given a nice quick pet. That’s not too much to ask from strangers.

As for other dogs, I’m a bit wary. They might not like me and go, Woof, Woof, really loud. Or they might show me that they’re alpha and I’m just a little wiener dog. I don’t like that word, by the way. I prefer dachshund, a much more dignified name.

Okay, I do have favorites, Mommy and her dad, and next her mommy, then her brother and on and on. I spend most of my time with Mommy and her dad so they’re at the top of the list. Plus, they have nice people smells. I like how their voices sound when they talk to me, gentle and loving. I like how it feels being petted by them, an easy glide over my belly or rougher for some hard-core play.

But if you asked me, I would rather keep track of one house, so I could be an expert on the smells there, instead of having to divide my attention and waste time getting reacquainted with all of them, smells and people, too.


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