Left Behind

In Alone, Don't leave me all day!, Looking for friends, Why leave on November 7, 2010 at 8:28 am

 I don’t want to be left all day. It’s kind of getting old how every morning Shelley, my mommy, eats and shares a bite with me, then leaves for eight whole hours. Half of the time she comes back for a short time, and then leaves me again.

I get really excited when she comes home at dinnertime, and I wag my tail and lie down on my back for a belly rub.

I need to be reassured that I am loved.

When she is gone, I spend my time sleeping in my doggie bed or on the couch. I like to sleep in the sunny spots on the floor, and when I’m tired of sleeping, I walk from room to room looking for Shelley. If I hear voices outside or something loud, I bark. “Here I am!” I say. Nobody comes. I am all alone.

Shelley’s dad came for a visit over Halloween weekend – I had to wear a silly mechanic’s shirt – and I gave him a so-so greeting. I don’t know why I did that. Maybe I’m getting attached to Shelley. But when he left two days later, I stayed at the door for a half-hour and whined and cried. I keep getting left behind. Why is that? I don’t know if and when he’ll come back. I’m just a dog after all.


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