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A Dog’s Christmas

In Discoveries, Doggie Teddy Bears, Holidays, Presents on December 26, 2010 at 9:44 am

I don’t know what Christmas is because I’m a dog and dogs don’t do traditions and holidays and stuff.

The week before Christmas Day – the day I got three presents – Shelley carried me in my pink bag at an outdoor shopping center that allows dogs. She took me in some of the stores, where I got pets and told I was cute, because who can resist a long-haired dachshund.

When we got home, Shelley wrapped the presents using paper rolled up on a tube of cardboard. I tried to help, jumping on the paper. I liked the crinkly sound it made until Shelley pushed me off, saying, “I need to wrap this up.”

She took out a doggie teddy bear that I knew was mine, and I grabbed it and ran. I squeaked the squeaker in the bear’s belly, and Shelley laughed.

“Now you know what you’re getting for Christmas,” she said.

And then somehow my bear was gone.

I got it back, though, on Christmas Day. Shelley and her mom, dad, brother and her brother’s girlfriend all got small piles of presents. And I got my pile.

“Start it for her,” Shelley’s mom said.

Shelley ripped a tear into the middle of the snowflake-covered paper, and I worked at it with my teeth. Is this a new toy, I thought, and then I saw my toy, grabbed it and ran. I don’t want this bear to disappear.

Next, I got a meat-centered rawhide, but I only got to eat half of it before it disappeared.
“If she eats that, she’ll probably get sick,” Shelley’s mom said.

My rawhide disappeared and returned the next day. I didn’t have the energy to eat it after running around and playing with everyone on Christmas. I do that, I play myself out and have to rest up the next day.

The third present I never got to see. “She’ll probably want to eat this, too,” Shelley said. “I’ll give it to her later.”

When is later? I’m waiting for later, and it is later, the day after Christmas. Oh well, it doesn’t matter, I’m sleeping next to Shelley as she writes her blog.

A Dog’s Eternity

In Alone, Dog communication, Wanting My Own Rules on December 19, 2010 at 8:32 am

I am not in control of my destiny. What I mean is I can’t tell Shelley to not go to that place she calls work. When she does, she leaves me for eight hours with only a very short visit to divide up the time.

I can’t decide when I want to go for a walk.

And when I do go for one, I have to have a leash attached to this white harness thing with girly flowers on it that I do not like, not at all, because it’s extra material on my body.

I can’t decide when I get to go outside, unless Shelley is home and I scratch at the door to be let out on the patio.

I can’t get petted or interact with people and dogs, unless Shelley is here and takes me on a walk or with her to places that have people and dogs.

Here is what I can do:

  • Stand on my hind legs and cross my front paws, looking like a very cute squirrel. This usually wins me a bite of Shelley’s food.
  • Bark and stare at Shelley until she takes the hint and plays with me. Usually, she’ll throw the ball or play tug-of-war, which I win paws down.
  • Pull Shelley’s hair when we’re in bed and I don’t want to be. Usually, she gets the message and says “all right” and sleepily drags herself out of bed to chase me around as I have fun.

I guess it’s not so bad being a dog. I do have some say in what I want. But when I have to wait for Shelley to come home from work, I see “eternity” with my eyes, as if the word captured my impatient waiting in my doggie bed, trying to pass the time by sleeping.

Not a Lap Dog

In Chasing smells, Lap dog, Looking for friends, Wanting to explore on December 12, 2010 at 8:20 pm

I am not a lap dog.

Let me repeat, I am not a lap dog.

First off, I’m very long in body. I’m a dachshund, and I’m not designed to lie on laps, unless I curl up and rest my head on a knee or my paws. This is comfortable, but only if I’m in the mood for napping. If not, I want to look around and explore what’s happening in my environment. I can’t see anything if I’m hanging off somebody’s lap with my head pointing toward the floor.

Second, I have better things to do. I want to check out smells and the source of sounds. I want to walk around and see what things in the coffee shop might be good for chewing. Or I want to see if there is someone who wants to pet me and tell me how cute I am.

In a word, I just want to be.

I don’t think just being is very fun if all you’re doing is sitting on a lap, checking out the floor.

Therefore, I conclude, I am a busy blur that likes to run, play, chase balls and find new things, like friends.

I am a pal dog, in other words.

Talk, talk, talk

In A keen barker, Best friends, Dog communication, Words I know on December 5, 2010 at 8:30 am

I’m really busy right now, playing. I have to listen to Shelley talk, talk, talk. I can interpret some of it. I, of course, know “sit,” “roll over,” and “want a treat?” I know “make it squeak,” and I’ll find the squeak makers in my toys and bite on them. I love the noise, and it’s really fun when Shelley squeaks a toy, and I squeak another toy, and it’s like music.

“ Bark! Bark!” I’m running off. I heard a noise. It’s from people talking. What if they want to be friends? “I’m here!” I bark. And their voices fade away. I bark louder. “Come here!” And they don’t.

I hear the train.

Bark. Bark.

I hear a car honk.


And I hear loud music from a bar across the street.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve got lots to say.

“Be quiet!” I am told. I whine. I bark quietly.

See me. See me be a good girl.

I wait by the treat container.

“You want a treat?”

Tail wag, and I get what I want.

We’ve communicated, and I hadn’t had to say a thing.