Talk, talk, talk

In A keen barker, Best friends, Dog communication, Words I know on December 5, 2010 at 8:30 am

I’m really busy right now, playing. I have to listen to Shelley talk, talk, talk. I can interpret some of it. I, of course, know “sit,” “roll over,” and “want a treat?” I know “make it squeak,” and I’ll find the squeak makers in my toys and bite on them. I love the noise, and it’s really fun when Shelley squeaks a toy, and I squeak another toy, and it’s like music.

“ Bark! Bark!” I’m running off. I heard a noise. It’s from people talking. What if they want to be friends? “I’m here!” I bark. And their voices fade away. I bark louder. “Come here!” And they don’t.

I hear the train.

Bark. Bark.

I hear a car honk.


And I hear loud music from a bar across the street.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve got lots to say.

“Be quiet!” I am told. I whine. I bark quietly.

See me. See me be a good girl.

I wait by the treat container.

“You want a treat?”

Tail wag, and I get what I want.

We’ve communicated, and I hadn’t had to say a thing.


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