A Dog’s Eternity

In Alone, Dog communication, Wanting My Own Rules on December 19, 2010 at 8:32 am

I am not in control of my destiny. What I mean is I can’t tell Shelley to not go to that place she calls work. When she does, she leaves me for eight hours with only a very short visit to divide up the time.

I can’t decide when I want to go for a walk.

And when I do go for one, I have to have a leash attached to this white harness thing with girly flowers on it that I do not like, not at all, because it’s extra material on my body.

I can’t decide when I get to go outside, unless Shelley is home and I scratch at the door to be let out on the patio.

I can’t get petted or interact with people and dogs, unless Shelley is here and takes me on a walk or with her to places that have people and dogs.

Here is what I can do:

  • Stand on my hind legs and cross my front paws, looking like a very cute squirrel. This usually wins me a bite of Shelley’s food.
  • Bark and stare at Shelley until she takes the hint and plays with me. Usually, she’ll throw the ball or play tug-of-war, which I win paws down.
  • Pull Shelley’s hair when we’re in bed and I don’t want to be. Usually, she gets the message and says “all right” and sleepily drags herself out of bed to chase me around as I have fun.

I guess it’s not so bad being a dog. I do have some say in what I want. But when I have to wait for Shelley to come home from work, I see “eternity” with my eyes, as if the word captured my impatient waiting in my doggie bed, trying to pass the time by sleeping.


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