Dogs Don’t Make Excuses

In A keen barker, Back yard princess, Dog communication, Looking for friends, New Year's Resolutions, Wanting My Own Rules on January 9, 2011 at 8:40 am

 I don’t make excuses when I resolve to do something. I just do it.

It’s snowing today, and of course, I had to explore the backyard. Shelley is visiting her mom this weekend – her mom is the one with the backyard.

By the way, Shelley is making a pattern of the Mom visits. First, she takes me to these dreadful training classes where I’m learning how to heel and do tricks. I don’t like being told what to do, but I do like the treats, so I feel a real conflict of interest going on. And then when I hear the clapping, cheering and “good girl” comments, I forget that I am determined to be my own dog.

As you know, I have some resolutions, but I am keeping mine. I’m not blaming the snow. I do what I can for treats, more play time and, this one is easy, to retain my cuteness. I am looking for friends, preferably of the dog variety, but I’ll have to get back to you on that one. I just haven’t met anybody yet.

Back to my story – I went in and out of the house today because I wanted to both play in the snow and be inside where it is warm and nice and people pay attention to me. I went outside and ran along the fence, barking up a storm, inviting the dogs in the neighborhood to join in for a chat. It’s called the dog version of social networking.

As I ran, I collected mini snowballs on my fur and got a snow bonnet from sniffing the ground. Fine, so I was a dog snowman. Whatever. But Shelley took out the dreaded bathroom towel to wipe me down and pull off the snowballs.

Ouch! I snapped at her.

She said, “Look at me,” and I did. She shook her finger at me, and said that I was a bad girl. I snapped as she pulled off more snowballs, and I got a timeout.

After my punishment, I went back outside, came in and snapped about the whole towel thing, and then got the time out two more times. I don’t blame the snow for anything. I just do what comes naturally, that is play, run and bark.

But I guess I learned a lesson. If I am to be a cute girl, snapping doesn’t certainly fit it with that bad girl image I’m really not interested in maintaining.


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