No Thanks to Big Dogs

In Looking for friends, Training for treats, Wanting My Own Rules on January 23, 2011 at 8:57 am

I don’t want to meet big dogs, but Shelley thinks I should go through this dog training class that has three big dogs and me in it.

One of the dogs, Sparky, a black-spotted mixed breed, rolled on her belly and inched toward me while I sat on a big-dog bed. We were practicing going to our spot or place when told to Park It, such as when guests visit us, I mean our pet parents.

I snarled and snapped at Sparky when she got too close to my snout.

“Naughty girl!” Shelley yelled and gave me a light spanking on my behind so I would understand the extent of my poor behavior.

Instead, she got in big trouble.

The trainer lectured Shelley on conducting hands-off discipline. The trainer said if Shelley had smacked my face, she would have been kicked out of the class. I’ve wanted to leave from day 1 of the class. I’m always heading to the door, unless I’m working it for the treats or taking a nap.

“I only hit her lightly to give her the message,” Shelley said.

The trainer said positive reinforcement works, but not punishment, which would make me afraid of my owner. I must say I’m not afraid of Shelley. My fear is of the big dogs. They need to be disciplined to wait me out until I’m ready to say “hi.” It takes me awhile to get over my fear over their size. I get the big dog bed and a big dog bark, but I still feel little.

In other words, I want friends my own size.


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