Dog Frustrations

In Center of attention, Going on walks, Inclusion, My stuffed toys, What's important on March 6, 2011 at 9:00 am

A lot of my stuffed toys have squeakies in them, and I love to grab them, give them a shake and bite on the squeaker. The chirp, chirp noise is the coolest sound I’ve ever heard. I particularly like teddy bears that are my size, as if they are friends that I can roll around with, pounce on and give a lick.

Shelley’s mom let me borrow her white stuffed dog that has a barker in it, while we played on the couch. Shelley kept pressing the barker, and then I tried, but I couldn’t find it. The barkers in my toys are in the head, the front paws or, in the case of my duckie, in the chest. I got mad, and didn’t want to have anything to do with the stuffed dog.

—Yes, my little Zoey walked to the end of the couch, turned her back on us and stared at the wall. My mom, who I was visiting last weekend, said, “Look, she’s ignoring her toy.” I don’t know if dogs experience anger, but she certainly had experienced frustration and wanted to get away from the source of her angst. The squeakie, I couldn’t tell her, is in the front elbow.

Um, Shelley, this is my blog! Why are you interrupting my blog when you have your own blog? I don’t think that’s fair. My challenge for you next week is to take me to the coffee shop every day, on two walks a day and anywhere else I can meet as many people as is dog-anly possible.


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