Back to Dad’s House

In A keen barker, Back yard princess, Chasing smells, My Dad, My new home on March 13, 2011 at 5:27 am

I’m at Shelley’s dad’s house. I guess I’m okay with that, because I’ve been here before and consider it to be another one of my places. Plus, it has the best yard, and that’s what I checked out first.

Okay, so before Shelley’s dad took me home, she gave me a really long hug and kissed me a thousand times on the top of my head. She said, “I’ll miss you. See you in two weeks.”

How long is two weeks?

And why would she let me go?

Okay, so in my backyard, I ran around the perimeter of the fence, getting reacquainted with the smells, and checked under the old outbuilding for the feral cats that I wanted to befriend. But they weren’t there. Inside, I jumped on my window ledge and enjoyed the sun and watched for people and cars, barking whenever I heard or saw anything.

Not too exciting, but those are my dog routines at Shelley’s dad’s house.

Shelley called twice to check up on me. I overheard on her dad’s end, “Yes, your darling is fine. She settled right in, and she’s eating fine …”

Her dad told Shelley about how I’m playing my old games, such as run around the couch, ball chase and tug-of-war, but I’m not doing the thing where I lie on my back and use my paws to paddle a ball in the air. He said I look cute doing that, but I forgot about the game. Shelley has hard-wood floors in her apartment, not good for anything but running. If I get down low, I prefer her bed, the couch or any soft place where I can land.

I guess I’m hanging my hat here for awhile, as you humans like to say. But as I put it, I’ve got my toys here and my Kong. This is where I like to put up my paws.


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