One-Girl Dog

In Chasing smells, Reunited again!, Two homes on March 20, 2011 at 3:40 am

I had the best two weeks, spending my days running around the backyard, checking for the feral cats that live under an outbuilding and researching the sources of smells that crisscross the grass.

Two weeks ago, Shelley’s Dad took me to his house. For what reason, I do not know. Her brother and his girlfriend came on Friday night, and I played with them and it was all fun and games.

On Saturday after Shelley got off of work, she drove here and I heard her car pull up. I ran circles around the yard, full of glee. I could hardly sit still when Shelley tried to pet me.

With her back, I wanted to sleep with her, though I had lots of options: her dad, her brother or her brother’s girlfriend. But Shelley is my official sleep buddy, so I chose her. I’ve been following her around just to make sure she doesn’t leave. If she does, she better take me with her. Her dad is very fun, but he is her dad, not my dad.

Plus, I’m a one-girl dog, and Shelley’s my girl. I guess it’s called doggie love or a puppy crush, or whatnot.

Right now as Shelley types up our blogs, I’m running around the yard, happy that I have her here watching, following me around with her words.


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