Dog Psychology

In Looking for friends, Loud barks on April 3, 2011 at 8:38 am

I am always positive, well except when I’m ignored. On my walks, I look at passersby and wiggle my tail if I think I’ll get pets. If not, I just go on with things and wait for another possible pet giver.

It’s pretty simply, really. It’s just a matter of reading other people. If they look at me and smile, or, in the least, if their eyes light up, I know I can show off my cuteness by getting low on my belly and inching toward them.

Another thing I do is bark from the patio. I know they can see me up here and that they want to come over, even though they’re too busy to do so. However, when I hear the trains or a siren, I’m not interested. The noise hurts my ears, so to block it out I have to howl, or if I catch on soon enough that they’re coming with their giant crescendo of angry sound, I scratch the door to hurry back inside.

I must admit it would be better if Shelley didn’t have a car, and then she would be home all of the time, take me on more walks and get me out to meet more people. It’s not like I carry a little black book, but I do like to collect friends, because giving kisses and getting pets is what life is all about. You give some, you get some, and through doing both, you find that life gains some balance.

It’s not like I can give kisses 24-7 because it would be too much yin, and then if I was a taker, it would be all yang.


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