Barking Duties

In A keen barker, Dog communication, Finding friends on April 17, 2011 at 8:59 am

I am on dog-cation from blogging this week. Shelley said I can take some time off, and I decided this would be a good week to do that. Plus, I’ll be taking a week off in June when she does to go on her vacation without me. Without me! I don’t agree with that as will be evidenced by my sad, puppy eyes when she starts packing.

Anyway, even though I’m on vacation, I just want to say that, unlike Shelley, I do not need a shyness challenge.

Shelley would say I need a stop-barking-so-loud-and-so-often challenge, but I disagree. I’m just responding to noises, except to the boring trains and sirens that I am used to and don’t need to sit there and try to figure out. It’s when people are talking or I see a dog that I bark, saying, “Here I am! Come play with me.”

In fact, I am adding to my friends list. Shelley takes me to this coffee shop called the Mandolin Café. I kiss on the owner and get pets from him, plus this regular who plays the guitar and sings and now another man who is always using his laptop. I’ve just added him to my kiss-and-make-friends circle.

I guess I am blogging after all because I keep pawing in all these words. But really I’ve gotta to go. I just heard some noises and need to get back to barking.


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