Not the End

In Finding friends, What's important, Woof! Woof! on May 22, 2011 at 8:40 am

The world can’t end. I’m only two and haven’t lived a full life. It wouldn’t be fair to all the puppies, dogs, cats, birds and humans for that to happen. Yep, I like cats and birds.

I whine whenever I see a bird hop close by me, wanting very much to become friends.

For instance when I was at Shelley’s dad’s house, I tried to befriend a baby bird that fell out of its nest. The bird’s parents were squawking as they flew around and around the tree (I don’t know what kind it is, but it had droopy branches that made it look like an umbrella missing lots of its shiny cover).

I barked and danced around the little creature, throwing out my invitation to play.

“Zoey, get in here,” Shelley’s dad called to me.

I looked at him, pausing in my sound, but then continued to bark.

“Get. In. Here!”

Uh-oh. That means “come now.”

I ran to the door and inside the house, hearing “bad girl” in the distance. I kept running until I ran out of breathe.

Yep, see Zoey run.

But not see Zoey play with her new friend.

Oh well. That’s why the world can’t end. I need to find more friends, and when I have enough, I’ll still want more.

Friends are what make the world go around. At least that’s what I think.


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