Just ask My Vet

In Best friends, Going on walks, Vet visits on May 29, 2011 at 8:34 am

I am healthy, just ask my vet.

On Saturday, I went to the vet’s office for my annual exam and shots. I don’t mind because when I’m there, I get pets and cuddles.

“She’s so well behaved,” Ms. Vet said.

I wagged my tail. I am aren’t I, I thought as I sniffed at the air.

As Shelley, my pet mommy, sat in a chair in the examining room, I stood tall and proud on the steel table, getting poked and prodded.

Apparently, I have nice, clean teeth.

“She loves to chew her rawhide,” Shelley says to explain. She had asked when she should take me in for a cleaning. No-o-o! Getting my teeth brushed is torture – to get that message across, I always shake my head and try to wiggle from the clutches of my scary blue toothbrush.

“That’s good.”

Shelley explained my diet: a blend of two adult dog food brands, two milk bones a day, cheese from the table and treats.

“You might want to hold back on the treats,” Ms. Vet said.


They’re not good for a healthy diet, Ms Vet said, adding that I can have some, but don’t go overboard.

I need, need treats is what Shelley should have told her.

“She has good muscle mass,” was another thing Ms. Vet mentioned.

Shelley said she takes me on walks (not enough) and plays with me (not enough there either).

Unlike Shelley, I’m at my ideal weight, plus, as a dog, I can’t go get my own treats whenever I feel like it. Apparently, I have to earn them.

I’m destined to being healthy (and also very cute), as well as one trim, fit feline-loving, bird-adoring BFF.


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