Zoey and Her Guest Sophie

In My family on June 12, 2011 at 7:00 am

While Shelley is vacationing in Omaha, I’m staying at Shelley Dad’s house. I like it here, even though it is my second home and not my first.

Basically, when I arrived on Saturday, I moped.

I moped on Sunday and on Monday, too, missing my main human.

But by Tuesday, I settled into my old routine that I have when I stay with grandpa. I go outside all of the time to run around the big backyard and to bother the feral cat, which has four (FOUR!) kittens. But she keeps running whenever I try to say “hello.”

Oh well.

The rest of my routine is napping and following grandpa around in wait of pets.

At the request of Sophie, a teacup toy poodle that Shelley’s visiting, along with her relatives, I’m letting her do some blogging this week. So, here’s Sophie:

Hi, ya’ll. I’m way cute with my black eyes, fluffy gray ears and long legs. I weigh 4.5 pounds and am light and quick.

I don’t like when my humans, Dick and Candy, leave my house. I yip at them, but they go anyway.

When they return, I hear their van pull into the garage and I quiver at the top of the stairs, yelping a high-pitch squeal and barking, bark, bark! They come up the stairs and I spin a couple of circles, demanding that I get my hug and a kiss, plus a treat. Candy shows me two treats, and I tap my paw on the one I want. So I know tricks!

Another thing about me is that I play with three toys: a stuffed Ernie who serves as my boyfriend, my tug toy and something to play fetch. I have a stuffed longhorn and a pink poodle, but they take second place to my first love.

“How many Ernies have you bought?” Shelley asked.

“This is her third one,” Dick said. “And she has another one. We buy them whenever we can find them.”

I don’t have three Ernies. I have one, and he is The One.

As I am The One for Dick and Candy, their toy dog for love and play.


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