Runway Run

In Dog Model, please, Seeking attention on July 17, 2011 at 5:28 pm

I am holding a cute pose as I look out the window.

Shelley, my pet owner, should put me in a modeling contest, kind of like what she did on Saturday. She had made the first cut and participated in a fashion show to see if she’ll make the second to go on to nationals. She’ll find out in three weeks if she’ll actually be a model.

What she doesn’t know is I already am one, or have the potential bursting out as I run.

You should see how I move with my four legs tapping on the floor as I fly, my ears flopping and my eyes sparkling.

When it comes to the pivot turn, I skid my paws and circle, sliding on the wood floor to change direction with the grace of a swan paddling its feet.

I have a stance, too, where I hold perfectly still while waiting for my harness and leash. Even after it’s on, I stay that way, waiting for Shelley to grab her purse.

Attitude, that too is part of modeling, and, yes, I have it. It’s in my loud bark. It’s in the scratching I do when I want Shelley to pick up something off the floor. It’s in the lift of my head as I look down the street from my stance on the coffee shop table Shelley should claim as hers. I hold myself that way in anticipation of getting petted.

And that, too, is the final proof you need that I am super model dog. I am so cute and irresistible that strangers stop on the street just to touch me and tell Shelley about my appearance.

So, as you see, I am ready to sign on the dotted line to model for dog food, dog toys and anything that a company needs to sell. Because, darn it, I’ll get everyone’s attention!


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