Dog Food vs. Treats? No comparison!

In Uncategorized on August 7, 2011 at 7:00 am

As a dog, a cute one I must admit, I do not see the point of comparing things. What was your list, Shelley, that of tattoos, Facebook and shyness? You can’t compare those things, nor can you compare apples and oranges. Right?

For me, it would be like comparing dog food with a treat. The food’s all right and all that, but a treat, oh my goodness, it’s so unexpected and tasty and varied. I get miniature steaks, Pupperoni, bacon strips and soft beef jerky.

I don’t know which one I’ll get and when and where, but I know the why, of course.

It’s when I’m good or follow a command.

But that, to me, is boring.

I don’t necessarily want to be good.

I love it when I get treats because Shelley wants to do something and gives me one to occupy my time and attention. But ha! The treat takes a few seconds up to a few minutes (if it’s rawhide, that is), and then I get to stare at Shelley some more with my pleading puppy eyes. If I work at it hard enough, Shelley will stop whatever boring thing she’s doing and say, “Oh, all right.”

And then, get this, she plays with me.

The result is I get my treat and playtime, too.

My, it’s a good life.

Why bother comparing things when it’s just better to be in the moment and not think too hard about stuff.

Just bark!

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