Really, A Good Dog

In Dog communication, Zoey and Sophie on August 21, 2011 at 6:19 pm

I am not a bad dog. If you just read Shelley, my pet owner’s blog, you would think that I am out of control.

But I have some rules that I like my friends and me to follow:

* I am alpha dog.

* My toys are my toys. Your toys are my toys. (Note from Shelley: This weekend, somehow all of Sophie’s toys ended up with Zoey’s toys, including Sophie’s chew bone.)

I protect my property, which includes my house, Shelley’s dad’s house, Shelley’s mom’s house, the coffee shops where Shelley takes me that allow dogs and the great outdoors.

* I will share my food (it’s boring).

* My treats are mine and only mine.

As you can see, I do play nice. Here are some photos of Sophie and I, though a bit dated (from a year ago).

Sophie and I are playing near my toys.

Zoey and I play near but not with my toys.

Sophie and I are engaging in dog wrestling.

  1. Zoey, Zoey, Zoey!! You oughta cut Shelley a little more slack and maybe even listen to her once in a while! She loves you, ya know!! Lucky dog!

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