Paws on Poetry

In All About Me, First poem, Let's be friends, Pet me, Table top decor on September 25, 2011 at 11:41 pm

Here I am atop a table, posing for a photograph. I agree, I am cute!

See Spot run, a book about my kind, but it’s not like that with us. We like to play and run and hide and leap and sit on our hind legs, as if we can pretend that being upright keeps us still. We wobble on our behinds, not set right for two-legged dancing.

It’s a matter of seeing Zoey sit atop a table, a pretty 9-pound pack age of cute dog here. That’s me, cute to the 10th degree. Passersby ask to take myphoto, and I dance with the delight of seeing them want to pet and be with me and capture me as if film could stop me in my

See Zoey run factor.



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