Zoey’s Take on Be You

In Pet me, Play time, Seeking attention, Shelley Widhalm on October 23, 2011 at 7:00 am

The idea of “Be You” is easy for a dog. I bark when I hear a sound I don’t like. I beg when I see food I want. And I play when I want to play.

I am who I am without trying to fit in or being someone or something else. I don’t have to be what a job or a classroom tells me to be, doing what is required for a paycheck or a grade. I can just do.


But my Be You-ness is dependent on others. I am a social, and an exceptionally cute, dachshund who needs pets, attention and playtime. So I Be Sad when I don’t get my needs met. I need to be connected to others, both dogs and people, for games of chase, tug-of-war and make-believe band from squeaking my toys to make music.

I certainly am not going to chase my tail or squeak my bunny or duck-y if no one is there to watch me be cute.

I need observers and to know that I belong.

I can’t sit at home all day, pretending that it’s okay for my pet parent to be working. I want her there with me. I can be my Be You when I am Being With Others. I can Be Me when I have you Being You being with me, because I am bred to be your pet.

I Be Cute!


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