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Paws-ing on Black Friday

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Zoey is ready for some play time on Black Friday, which she would like to be renamed Play All Day Friday.

Black Friday. Blue Friday. Black Saturday.

Black and blue and black all over.

What are the corporations thinking? Black Friday is when retailers are in the red.

But black is all colors combined. Blue can be a symbol for a mood. And red can be for passion or fiery.

In a dog’s mind, none of this color business makes sense.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is just another Friday that follows a Thursday. Right? It doesn’t mean I get extra deals on milk bones.

Actually, I did not get any new boxes of milk bones, bags of treats or toys on this supposed biggest shopping day of the year. I got left at home while Shelley went to work to write an article about Black Friday.

I napped and felt blue until she returned. We played, but she stopped playing with me, so I did my pout thing and went under the bed. I liked it there for its being dark and all, but not black because the light was on.

In a forever long time, Shelley got out my leash and we went out on the town, not shopping, but just being together, a girl and her dog. That’s what Black Friday or any day of the week should be about, being together and not wanting what you can’t have.

I call my Black Friday Happy Friday. So there, and give me a milk bone!

Pawsitive Motivation

In Loud barks, Motivation, Shelley Widhalm on November 20, 2011 at 7:00 am

Zoey is motivated to bark and bark, but she's excused because she's cute. Right?

I am motivated, obviously, by the milk bone. Oh, and the food pyramid, starting with meat, followed by vegetables and sweets.

I like coffee; yes, dogs can like the caffeinated beverage when it has cream and sugar.

I like to play tug-of-war, chase and catch.

And I like to get petted.

To achieve these things, I rely on my cuteness.

My motivation comes from my natural instinct of going for what I want and making sure I get what I want while also being adorable. The adorable add-on is like frosting on the cake. I can get what I want – play or pet time or food – and eat it up, too.

I have the persistence quality, which gets me what I want. I love, just love to bark, because I’m a dachshund, a breed that has a big bark and a long body.

Shelley, my pet parent, tells me No Bark, and I, of course, bark and bark.

I bark when I hear noises. I bark when the train whistles blow. I bark when the trash trucks beep. And I bark when doors bang shut in the building below.

I think that I bark because I am.

I am, therefore, I bark.

I bark. I am motivated to bark. And to be cute when I make lots of noise.

Waiting for Her Return

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Zoey the sad puppy.

Shelley, my pet parent, left me at her mom’s house this past week while she went away. I waited up for her the first night, thinking she would come get me.

She didn’t.

I slept on the couch with my blanket on top of two pillows. I was comfortable but sad.

The next day, a Sunday (Shelley left me on Saturday to go to her grandma’s funeral), I ran around the backyard, barking at the dogs who live on three sides of the fence – in back and on either side.

I was saying “hi,” not being a rabble-rouser like Shelley says.

Inside the house, I moped and licked my fur over and over, waiting and waiting.

Though Shelley’s mom kept her bedroom door open, I kept watch from my post on the couch just in case Shelley came home.

I had to wait one-two-three-four-five long, long days.

With a wag of my tail and a few happy circles, I silently greeted Shelley on the afternoon of the fifth day. She picked me up and kissed me. I didn’t bark or anything, so happy was I to have her back where she belonged.

Cute Contest Loser

In Dog Model, Shelley Widhalm on November 6, 2011 at 7:00 am

Zoey is sad, actually very sad, that she did not win PetSmart's cute costume contest.

Despite my being a very cute dog, I am sad to say that I did not make it to the final 25 contestants for PetSmart’s Halloween costume contest. There were five categories and I entered the cute costume category.

I, a fix-it-kind-of-girl with the cutest snout and long black-edged ears, dressed up as a mechanic. My pet parent, Shelley, somehow captured my model pose as I looked over my shoulder at the camera with my frilly bow just in view.

To put my bruised ego at ease, I looked up the final five in the cute costume category – the public gets to vote on their favorites in each category and the top winner will be in a commercial. I begrudgingly admit that the other pets were, in fact, cute. Their costumes were fancier and more detailed than mine and were, I admit, just plain adorable, while I was relying on my own cuteness to make my costume a winner.

Oh well.

The competition was stiff. There were 782 cute costume contestants just in the dog species alone, plus who knows how many there were for the cat, bird, small animal and reptile species.

Although I hear over and over just how cute I am, I realize that it was just one photo in one moment of time. It’s not like the judges could see me in action, get a glimpse of my personality and look into my brown puppy eyes with black markings that look like eyeliner.

Here’s the photo I entered. If you think I’m cute, please hit LIKE. And I’ll like you back, I promise.

Zoey dresses up in her mechanic shop gear for Halloween.