A Plotting Puppy

In All About Me, Play time, Shelley Widhalm on January 8, 2012 at 9:30 pm

I am excited to tell you that I got a new Frisbee.

As Shelley blogs about writing, I am chewing my blue plastic Frisbee to pieces. I know that it’s for throwing, but I prefer to bite off the edges or, in the case of balls, pull off the strings, erasing the toys’ effectiveness as objects to be thrown.

I’m kind of smart that way. If I chew away at something, then I don’t have to chase it.

Even though as a dachshund, I like to chase things, preferably balls and my teddy bears, I get tired of doing the same old thing over and over again.

Plus, when it comes time to reflect, I do my thinking with my teeth in motion.

It’s a contradiction that boils down to my liking to chase things – but only once. If Shelley throws a ball, I’ll eagerly go get it and bring it back, well not to her exactly but within her vicinity. That way, she has to work to throw it again.

I’m trying to let her know that I’m not interested in do-overs.

As I chew on this idea, Shelley is blogging about plot, or the structure of a story from beginning to the middle and the end.

My days have no plot, but they do have a beginning with me waking up and wanting some of Shelley’s breakfast, a middle with her going off to work and leaving me all alone, and an end with Shelley coming back and playing with me.

My life is like a Frisbee that gets thrown and I bring back, just as I wait for Shelley to return from work. It’s an endless circle, but by chewing on the outer edges of that circle, I create something that won’t fly through the air.

In other words, I’m retelling the plot of a dog’s life through the action of my teeth.

So, chew on that.


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