A Dog’s Exterior/Interior World

In Back yard princess, Shelley Widhalm on January 29, 2012 at 10:00 am

My setting has changed this weekend. Shelley, my pet parent, has taken me to her dad’s house, where I will be staying for three weeks.

I am not sure about changing my exterior world, though there are a few advantages to being here.

I love the big backyard and chasing after feral cats and wild birds that, I believe, should want to be my friends.

I love running along the fence and barking up a storm, rabble rousing the neighborhood into making noise alongside me.

And I love getting attention from a whole new set up people.

Plus, Shelley’s dad is a good play buddy who wrestles with me on the floor, plays chase and tosses the ball in the air for me to catch, which I can do two out of three times (if I’m trying).

The disadvantages are:

  • I miss Shelley.
  • I am attached to Shelley.
  • I want Shelley to come back.
  • This is not my home.

To demonstrate my sadness, here is a photo from a previous time when Shelley left me at her dad’s. As you can see, I look quite sad.

Zoey is anxious about her toys packed up in bags.

I am sad.

Bark! I just heard a noise. I’m off to run around the backyard, come inside for a treat and play off my cuteness to engage Shelley’s dad in play.

I play, therefore I am.

  1. Awww, cheer up Zoeypup!! We miss you, too!!!

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