A Dog’s Journaling Exercise

In All About Me, Shelley Widhalm, Wanting My Own Rules on March 4, 2012 at 10:30 am

Zoey's next to her journal, the one with her picture on the cover.

I am a dog, therefore I do not journal. I do not write. I do not write poetry. I do not say profound things.

But I do like to play, to chew, to run around the yard and to bark.

If I were to journal, this is what it would look like:

* Monday: Go with Shelley, my pet parent, to her mother’s house and run-kiss her mom before sprinting around the back yard, barking loud-loud to let the other dogs know I’m back. I sniff and run and stop for the extra interesting smells. Wait for my special treat when Shelley and her mom go to lunch and coffee. Take a nap. Go home with Shelley. Nap in the car.

* Tuesday: Nap while Shelley goes to work. Wag my tail and wiggle my whole body when she comes home. Pout when she has to leave again, though she gives me a treat and says she’s sorry but will be back soon, very soon. How long is “soon?”

* Wednesday: Nap while Shelley goes to work. Sit outside when she comes home and engage in some barking, but then I have to go inside. “No bark,” she says. No what? More pouting when Shelley has to go to work again. What is this? I’m a dog, and I need attention.

Thursday: Wait for Shelley to come home from work. Grab at her papers to get her to play and squeal in delight when she does. Get out teddy bears for tug-of-war.

Friday: More of the same. Come on Shelley, stop going to work.

Saturday: Work again? Seriously!

Sunday: Shelley’s mine again. She has a day off. That means playtime.

  1. Love the picture, as well as the post (as usual, you’ve captured Zoey’s mindset perfectly), she looks like she’s listening attentively to advice she is going to promptly ignore.

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