A Dog’s Point-of-View

In All About Me, Dog communication, Shelley Widhalm on March 25, 2012 at 10:30 am

Zoey the dachshund poses for a photo shoot as she relaxes atop newspapers.

My point of view is first person. It’s “I,” “me,” “mine” and “it’s all about me.”

The way I think about my life is in terms of me and what happens around me that I see, smell, taste and experience. I’m all about trying to make sure my needs are met.

I’m a dog, so I’m supposed to be self-centered, or at least to a point.

That point is the fact that I’m your best friend. I am your follower as you tell me what you want to do with our day. Go for a walk? Yes! Come outside with me as I bask in the sun? Yes! Pet me and love me and tell me that I am your girl. Of course!

As you can see, my point of view becomes second person when I want something from all of the “you’s” in the world, especially my main, “You.”

My main “You” is Shelley, my pet parent, the one who loves me unconditionally. She tells me so in words, hugs and pets, and way too many kisses that can be kind of embarrassing,

I let her know I love her back with morning kisses and cuddling and eager tail wags when we meet up again anytime she heads off to her stupid work.

I engage in the second-person point of view when I think about others. I think things like: You need to give me some of your yummy looking dinner. You need to pet me. You need to play with me. Now. And if you don’t, I will bark.

And bark again until I get my way. And get noticed. And am acknowledged for my role in our story.

So back to me, I am the center of my world, your world and everyone else’ world as I trot along, looking as cute as ever.

  1. we are all the center of the universe because it unfolds all around us. Zoey, you got the right idea!

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