A Dog’s Best Friend, Plus the Other Friends

In All About Me, Being Cute, Let's be friends, Shelley Widhalm on April 8, 2012 at 11:00 am

Zoey plays with her golden retriever friend, Sophie.

As the darn cutest dachshund ever, I am the main character in my life and certainly should be in Shelley’s life.

But she goes to work and does things without me, which I find to be a bit discouraging. I want to be at her side at all times, and if not, than I want to be with someone else who can play with, pet and walk me.

These someone else’s are the major and minor characters in my life.

The major characters are:

  • Shelley’s mom, who I see once a week when Shelley takes me there for a visit. I give her mom lots of kisses, get a special treat that I only get from her and no one else, and run around her backyard, barking up a storm. “Here I am!” I tell all of the neighbor dogs.
  • Shelley’s dad, who lives inEastern Coloradoand who I see every couple of months or so. He plays with and pets me, plus tells me that I am cute. Well so does her mom, of course.
  • Tim, Shelley’s best friend. I see him a couple of times a week on walks or at places where pets are allowed. He’s really tall and plays music.

The minor characters are:

  • Shelley’s brother, who I see once in awhile. He thinks I’m cute.
  • Shelley’s other friends, who I see if they happen to come over or if she brings me along, or out on our walks.

The walk-ons are:

  • Anyone who I see when Shelley and I are out on walks, and they have to stop and pet me and remark how cute I am. Well, duh!
  • The employees at PetSmart who ooh and ahh over me when Shelley and I go shopping for my stuff.
  • Shelley’s workmates, who I see on the rare occasion I actually get to go to work with her.

As you can see, there are lots of people in my life, while there aren’t many dogs. I have one dog friend, Sophie, a golden retriever who belongs to Shelley’s brother’s girlfriend. Sometimes they set up play dates for us, and we have fun.

As for the other dogs, I bark to let them know I’m top dog and to ask them, with my wiggling tail, if they want to play. Shelley says I shouldn’t bark because that’s not how to make friends. But I can’t help it.

As I’ve said before, I bark, therefore I am.

* See Shelley’s blog on developing major and minor characters at http://shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com/2012/04/08/major-vs-minor-characters/

  1. Wow!!! I’m a MAJOR character. You just made my Easter morning, little Zoey! Right back atcha 🙂

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