Dog-Gone Memories

In Back yard princess, Being Cute, Shelley Widhalm on April 29, 2012 at 11:30 am


I am out on a walk in downtown when I smell a tulip that serves as a dog’s version of Proust’s cup of tea.

 Dogs, particularly miniature long-haired dachshunds, don’t do tea.

But we have memories.

That tulip takes me back to the first time I heard birds sing; i.e. I had a flashback.

I was nine weeks old and Shelley, my pet parent, had just brought me home in February 2008. She introduced me to the backyard, where I was supposed to do this thing called potty, and I heard twittering going on. I cocked my head, my eyes widening, and I looked around. What was that? I asked with a sniff in the air.

“Oh my gosh! You are so cute!” Shelley said, gazing at me with the I’m-so-lucky-to-have-this-particular-dog look.

That was the second time I heard the word “cute” – the first was when Shelley and her mom visited me in the pet store. They were saying that I was expensive and something about wanting to rescue a dog – rescue me! – but that I was too cute not to take home.

Cute soon became part of my identity.

So, on this walk, Shelley and her friend Tim are talking about her blog on flashbacks, and Tim said, “You have to put up a photo of Zoey’s witch’s hat.

Oh-h yes, lots of memories are triggered by my Halloween costume from last year.

Shelley, Tim and I were in southernColoradovisiting Tim’s family and they did a photo shoot with me in my costume for a cute dog contest (which I didn’t win and still find to be a bit upsetting).

While there, I went outside with Tim and I saw a prairie dog. I looked at the mini-dog thing and at Tim and back and forth, thinking, “That ain’t no dog!”

Another time we were out in the yard, I did my potty thing along the fence and when we turned the corner, I saw this great expanse of fields that went on and on until it hit the sky. There was no way I could pee on all that.

I let Tim know with my eyes that this Fowler place is sure strange.

As are flashbacks, because they take me out of the present moment where all my senses are activated to a place and time where I was learning how to be and become me.

See Shelley’s blog at  http://shelleywidhalm.wordpress.com/2012/04/29/flashbacks-on-track/.

  1. No, Zoey, that weren’t no dog, but you are cute and becoming a better writer every day.

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