Zoey A to Z

In All About Me, Pet me, Shelley and Zoey, Shelley Widhalm on June 24, 2012 at 11:30 am

Zoey gets ready for a walk.

I don’t need tension to get readers (or my Zoey fan club) to turn the pages (or to pet me).

I just need to be me, whether I’m engaged in the action of running or the non-action of sitting still.

If I were to tell my story as the cutest dachshund west of theMississippi, I could do without all those fancy elements of fiction. Just look at the alphabet to see why.

I am:

A – Able

B – Beautiful

C – Cute

D – A Dachshund (duh!)

E – Essential (to your life)

F – Fun

G – A girl

H – Happy

I – Ingenious (at getting what I want)

J – Jack of all trades (from barking to being cute, sweet and incredibly pet-able)

K – Keen, plus a keeper

L – Lean (I’m on a doggie diet)

M – A member of management (I am the CEO of cuteness)

N – Nice (in fact, very, very nice)

O – Obstinate (it’s a trait of my breed!)

P – Post-puppy, or dog

Q – Quick on my feet

R – Really, really cute! (or did I already say that?)

S – Shelley’s number one love

T – A talebearer as I pee my way around the block

U – Unpaid (for my cuteness)

V – Verbal with my loud barks

W – (Plus when I) Wag, wiggle and wash my tail

X – (Not a very useful letter)

Y – Why not?

Z – Zoey!!!!! (what other word would fit here, duh!)

  1. “X- Not a very useful letter.” is CLASSIC!!!

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