Paws-ing on the Middle Place

In All About Me, Shelley and Zoey, Shelley Widhalm on July 29, 2012 at 10:12 pm

Zoey is contemplating the meaning of the middle.

I am all about middles – I am the center of attention, of course, as the cutest dachshund ever.

I like to be in the middle of things, in the middle of a crowd with everyone wanting to pet me and in the middle of luxuriating in the sun, a roll in the grass or a good, long dig in the dirt.

There are so many middles that I like, it’s hard to name them all.

Don’t laugh and say, “You’re a dachshund and it’s hard to find your middle, because you are so-o long.”

I don’t think that’s very funny.

I weigh 10 pounds, so five is my middle, not half my length.

You’ve got to figure in, too, that I’m really, extremely cute, so whether I’m long or not does not matter, not at all.

Here are some other middles I like:

  • What’s inside Oreo cookies.
  • What’s inside my treat boxes and bags.
  • What’s inside the mailbox that I can rip apart.
  • The halfway point of walks when I can pretend I’m tired and get carried, so that I can ride tall and proud.
  • The point when a couple of people pet me and more join them, everybody saying how cute I am.
  • When I’m playing tug-of-war and I’m winning.
  • When the ball is thrown for fetch and I’m running toward it, my long ears flapping.
  • When I’m at the midpoint of counting the ways that I’m cute (it’s a really, really long list BTW).

Okay, okay, you say that I should stop bragging on my cuteness. I don’t think so, you silly cat. I know you’ve got to be a cat reading this, because dogs or people wouldn’t disagree.

Cats should be in the middle of two big dogs and see what they think of that.


Shhh, you bad cat! I say woof.

See Shelley’s blog, Shell’s Ink, on middles at http://bit.ly/QoX5xE

  1. “The halfway point of walks when I can pretend I’m tired and get carried, so that I can ride tall and proud.” brought back MANY good memories! You are cute (but i think you could make a LOT more friends if you weren’t so anti-cat. I’ll have Buster call you w/the details!

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