Canine Poetry 101

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Zoey the Cute Dachshund tries her paw at writing poetry.

My favorite kinds of poems are those about dogs, and my favorite books have dogs on the cover, as main characters and somewhere in the storyline.

I’ve written a few poems, which I showed off last year in my blog. You can check those out (which I highly encourage) under Canine Poetry or Poetry.

You may question my ability to write poetry given that I’m a dog. I can and have, plus I am working on a children’s book with me as the main character. It certainly will be a bestseller given how popular I am.

Wherever I go, people want to pet me, and they say that I’m cute, pretty, beautiful and soft (I have the best fur coat from my oatmeal shampoo). As they fawn over me, I pretty much can guess that they’re ranking my cuteness factor an 11 on a scale of 1-10.

Here’s an example of my poetic talent:

An everyday dog’s view
By Zoey the Cute Dachshund

What I see every day you don’t with your busyness and wanting to be something important. I get to lie down on paws, look out the window bark at passersby, mostly dogs, as I blog about life, not caring if what I say means extravagance, just a simple thought that I’m okay just lying here dreaming.

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