Dog Retreats (and Treats Too!)

In All About Me, Center of attention, Shelley Widhalm on November 18, 2012 at 11:30 am

I would like to retreat under the bed.

I do not like it when my BFF is away writing. I want her here with me.

I don’t care about how many words she writes, or how long she writes. Or even what she writes (well, unless it’s about me).

Dogs are not into DIY retreats. We want you nearby. We want to know you love us.

Otherwise, we will retreat in our own ways, barking furiously, digging holes in your pretty flower garden or hiding somewhere, peering out with our pouty dog eyes.

Retreat is a bad word.

Treat is a good word.

Dogs like treats, don’t you understand that? I like chicken flavored milk bones, mini steaks and cheese. Man, do I love the cheese.

Who moved my cheese? Where is my cheese?

Oh wait, isn’t that a book?

Here are a couple of photos to demonstrate that I need lots of attention, please!

Being forced to wear pajamas is not the kind of attention I need.

I like the attention I get on my birthday. Did you remember to put Dec. 20 into your calendar? Thanks!



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