Once a Cute Dog, Always a Cute Dog

In All About Me, Being Cute, Photo album, Shelley Widhalm on December 9, 2012 at 11:30 am

I have a character arc.

I began as a cute dog. In the middle of my life, I will be a cute dog. And I will always be a cute dog.


For one, miniature dachshunds as a general rule are cute.

And two, I am the top-of-the-heap cute.

Wouldn’t you agree? Check out these photos and see just how cute you think I am. I am the CEO of Cuteness after all.

BTW, My birthday is in 18 days on Dec. 20. Have you put my birthday on your calendar? Thank you for doing that.

P.S. BTW A Second Time, I like treats and toys and lots of attention!

Okay, here are the photos:

I am wearing my costume for Halloween 2010. Aren't I just about 100 percent adorable?

I am wearing my mechanics outfit. Don’t I look adorable?


I also am adorable here, don’t you agree?

I'm adorable even when I sleep.

I’m adorable even when I sleep.


  1. Happy (almost) bIRTHDAY, zOEY. aND, YES, YOU ARE CUTE! (dang capslock. MORE COFFEEE!!!!!!!)

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