Zoey’s Year-End Review

In All About Me, Being Cute, Shelley Widhalm on December 30, 2012 at 11:30 am


There is no end to cuteness.

Sure, it may be near the end of 2012, the year I turned four on Dec. 20, but it’s really just the beginning.

In my 2012 paw blog, I proved that I am the CEO of Cuteness, the cutest dachshund worldwide and the cutest, prettiest, darling-est dog ever.

I also made sure that dog owners realized the importance of loving their pets, paying attention to them (like all of the time) and giving them lots of treats.

In other words (or barks), I explained the elements of responsible pet ownership, while giving a glimpse into the life of a talented dog that can blog.

Though I have successfully completed my first year (plus another 1 ½ years about other topics) of blogging, I have run into a conundrum. I don’t know what to blog about in 2013.

Yes, I probably will wax prosaic about my cuteness factor, but like a scientist who proves a theory, I think I’ve proved mine. Though, one photo would be enough to demonstrate my 10+ rating of being cute.

I have a few ideas for my 2013 blog, including:

  • 52 Ways to Love Your Pet (I have more to talk about in this area).
  • 52 Dog Tricks (I can sit, lie down, roll over, type, blog and catch balls).
  • A dog’s life in 52 segments (kind of like how Charles Dickens serialized some of his books in magazines).
  • 52 Poems and Stories, as written by Zoey the Dachshund.

Do you have any ideas for a dog writer? What do you think of my ideas? And, though I know the answer already, don’t you just think I’m the cutest?

  1. ’tis true you are the cutest. I’d like to see 52 imaginary stories abt Zoey like “Zoey Rides Again”, a western where Zoey tames a wild Texas town or “India Zoey and the Temple of Dogfood” where Zoey, the Intrepid Barkeologist (get it?) travel to Tibet to find the Lost Temple of the Dog King (let’s call him “Edward”, or “Citizen Zoey, where the cutest dachsund in creation runs a newspaper and . . . . .

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