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Golden Dog Books, Book 3

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The Tale of Zoey Dog (Zoey’s version of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”)

Once upon a time there were four little dogs, and their names were Pansy, Poppy, Mopsy and Zoey. They lived with their momma in a big dog bed in the den.

“Now, my dears,” said Momma Dog one morning, “you may go into the fields or down the lane, but don’t go into the garden. Now run along and be good puppies.”

Pansy, Poppy and Mopsy were very good indeed and went down the lane to sniff for treats.

But Zoey, who has a naughty streak, went to the garden, where she ate carrots and tomatoes until she felt rather bleak.

That is, until Ms. Humbledum, the garden’s owner, yelled, “Stop, thief.”

Zoey was dreadfully afraid and forgot her way back to the den. She lost a shoe and started to bawl until she collided with a net and ripped her hoodie, feeling very much the fool.

After what seemed to be hours and hours, Zoey found her paw print at the gate. She ran as fast as she could go, even though Ms. Humbledum caught sight of her. Zoey didn’t care and slipped underneath to escape.
“I’m safe,” she yelped.

Zoey ran the rest of the way home, so very tired, that she flopped down in the den and shut her eyes.

Momma wondered what had happened to Zoey’s one shoe and hoodie. Zoey, who was a wee bit sick, wouldn’t say.

Momma sent her straight to bed, while Pansy, Poppy and Mopsy got treats. Those three stayed up very late eating, playing and having fun.

That’s what happens to naughty dogs.

They don’t get treats, or get to have fun.

Zoey sighed, falling into a long, sleepy pout, feeling very sick indeed.

Golden Dog Books, Book 2

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The Three Little Dogs (Zoey’s version of “The Three Little Pigs”)

Once upon a time there were three little dogs who went on a walk without their owners out into the big wide world.

The first little dog didn’t like walking at all, so he sat his lazy butt down. He was a basset hound who moseyed down the road to see how the two other dogs were getting along.

The second little dog, a pink poodle, was walking very slowly, not wanting to dirty her paws on the ground.

The two began to dance and sing and, forgetting their laziness, trotted down the road to see how the third little dog was doing. She was a very cute dachshund with the name of Zoey.

Zoey was walking as if attached to a leash, a very good girl indeed.

“Ha, ha, ha,” laughed the first little dog.

“Hee, hee, hee,” giggled the second little dog. “Come play with us.”

Zoey shook her head “no.” “I’ve got a walk to do,” and off she went saying she’ll be safe. “You’ll be sorry when the big bad cat comes by.”

The two little dogs laughed and laughed.

Just as the first little dog sat down his lazy butt, the big bad cat said, “I’ll huff and puff and scare you away.”

This little dog looked at the big bad very scary cat and ran.

So did the poodle, even while trying to keep her prissy nose in the air.

“I’m not scared of a silly cat,” she whimpered.

“Meow,” the cat said, and the prissy dog ran.

Now, the cat approached Zoey and huffed and puffed, and huffed and puffed until all her hairs stood on end.

Zoey looked at the cat and, though she was a wee-bit thing, growled and barked, scaring the cat into a quivering, shivering fur ball.

“That’ll show you,” and Zoey walked her cute self home.

Golden Dog Books, Book 1

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The Fast Cute Puppy (Zoey’s version of “The Poky Little Puppy”)

One cute puppy, and not five little puppies, dug a hole under the fence …

Wait, wait. I don’t dig holes, well, except once when I saw a mole go down a hole and I dug for two hours. The next day, when I had to do the potty thing, I climbed down three stairs and whimpered, owie, owie, owie, limping along from muscles soar and weak.

So, off I went for a walk into the wide, wide world, smelling for smells. Up and down the street and high and low from the trees to my feet, I sniffed and sniffed. And what I encountered as I trotted along was the heavenly scent of beans being ground at the neighborhood coffee shop on Paw Street.

The other puppies stopping for a sniff looked my way and off they went, but I stayed until very, very late. I ran home when the world was asleep and ate up treats that fell to the floor. Crawling into bed, I was happy and full.

The next morning, there was a sign at the fence warning against digging holes. Who had dug the hole that I had used to access the wide, wide world? I found the other puppies sniffing when I trotted to the coffee shop. I barked, “Who dug the hole?”

“Not I,” a little poodle and a spaniel barked back.

“Not I,” a chocolate lab growled.

After sorting things out, we took ourselves on a walk, the four of us, sniffing this way and that way.

“I hear something,” said the lab.

“I smell something,” the poodle said.

And off we went, running toward the source of the smell, which happened to be my house.

“Who dug this hole?” my human mother asked, hands on hips.

“He did.”

“She did.”

“Well, well,” Mother said. “No treats for you. And as for your friends, tell them to fix the fence.”

My three friends and I fixed the fence, but I still wasn’t given a treat, so I went to bed feeling very sorry for myself.

The next morning there was a sign that read: “No treats ever, unless puppies are good girls and boys.”

I was good for seven days in a row.

Mother pointed to an area of the yard.

“You can dig there.” After two hours of futile digging, Mother said, “Good girl.”

I got a treat.

The End.

A Dog’s Goals for 2013

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Zoey the Cute Dachshund is quite proud of her memoir.

Hello again, my friends.

I’m off to another year of blogging as the CEO of cuteness and the cutest, prettiest and most fascinating dog in the world.

My name is Zoey Suzanne Widhalm. I am four years old. I weigh 10 pounds. And I’m a sable-colored, long-haired miniature dachshund.

But don’t take the word “miniature” too seriously, because there isn’t anything small about me. I’ve got a big personality, and I am a no. 10 in the looks department.

My friend, Tim, a very tall human that loves me for being cute, had a really good idea and I’ve snapped it up like a mouth-watering treat.

His idea is to write 52 imaginary stories with me as the main character, such as “Zoey Rides Again,” a western where I tame a wild Texas town, or “India Zoey and the Temple of Dog Food,” where I, the Intrepid Barkeologist, travel to Tibet to find the LostTemple of the Dog King.

I like the first idea, but as for the second, I haven’t even seen “India Jones and the Temple   of Doom,” because as a dog, I can’t focus for two hours. So, that means movies are out.

Here are my plans for 2013: I’m going to take a few stories and improve upon them by adding myself into the plot, plus I will make up some stories and write some paws poems.

I’m going to use Tim’s story idea about the cutest dachshund in creation running a newspaper, something I know a lot about as a dog-tern at the newspaper when my BFF Shelley works. I dog-tern on some Saturdays when only a few people are there, working on what should be the weekend!

Next week when I blog, I think I’ll start off with Shelley’s favorite children’s book, “The Poky Little Puppy,” printed as one of the Little Golden Books. But I’m not poky or little. In fact, I’m fast, smart and blessed with a big bark.

My blog will be called: 52: A Dog’s Life and Tales.