Dog Gone Too Much

In All About Me, Shelley Widhalm, Two homes, What's important on February 17, 2013 at 11:24 pm

Shelley, my BFF, edited me right out of her life to work on her novel revision.

She shipped me off to her dad’s house for three weeks, so that she wouldn’t have to hang out with me. Though I don’t understand time, I did understand that her sending me away for more than one minute was a very long time for separation.

I left in mid-January and returned last Saturday, chauffeured by The Dad. I got excited when The Dad took me to Shelley’s apartment, but a sniff around each room didn’t produce my BFF. I cuddled up with The Dad to wait, my impatience expressed by barking at every sound. Bark! Is that her? No? Sigh …

And then I heard her familiar footsteps on the stairs, and The Dad opened the door, releasing me onto the landing. I wiggled my tail, panted and turned a circle in my excitement.

Shelley picked me up for a long hug and kiss. “I missed her so much,” she said.

“Of course you did,” The Dad said.

Well, yeah!

And this is how I responded to my boomerang love story. I pouted at The Dad’s house for a week, reducing the amount I ate, played and sniffed, while adding to the sleeping bit. But then it snowed, and I ran outside to romp and roll, loving the cold stuff.

The next two weeks were fun as I played snow bunny, sat on the window ledge to observe the world and barked at all unfamiliar noises.
And then just as I was used to my new home, I got ripped away and shipped back, so I pouted while I had my BFF and The Dad both with me. I pouted when the Dad left four days later. And I pouted just because I liked the sympathy I get.

“I think she might have doggie depression,” I heard Shelley say.

No. I. Do. Not!

I have doggie-doesn’t-know-where-home-is-ion.

And, yes, pouting is my way of picketing to let humans know what I want from love and life. I want adoration and attention, to get petted and to be the recipient of a multitude of treats.

  1. ’tis a lucky puppy has 2 loving homes, Miss Zoey!

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