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A Not so Materialistic Dog

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Zoey hangs out with some of her toys, but would like more!

Zoey hangs out with some of her toys, but would like more!

I am a materialistic (but very cute) dog with lots of things – toys, stuffed animals, chews and balls.

But like people, I have outgrown some of them, got bored with others and keep wanting something shiny and new.

When I was a puppy, I had small toys, such as stuffed bears two inches long, plastic chewy things and tug ropes.

I grew, so the small stuff failed to challenge me. I began to desire bears larger than me and balls I could barely grab in my mouth. Once I conquered these (by shaking the bears and chasing and stopping the balls mid-bounce), I wanted something different, bigger and better.

A few of my toys I still adored and wanted for playing when I was in my play mood. One of them is a big white bear holding a pumpkin in its paws, a hedgehog with two different squeakers, a hedgehog with a tennis ball for the body, and a stuffed pink bone that makes for a handy pillow.

However, I noticed that some of my toys disappeared – they got old, torn, smell or I just didn’t play with them. And some stayed around despite their age, because without them, I would be distraught. Think white bear, my always-there best friend.

Every night I have to paw him, sliding my front limbs back and forth as if milking from my mama. It’s my version of zen. It’s how I relax and let go.

These things have importance, but do I really need them? Probably not. They’re just toys, not real life. Life is what I have every day.

Adorable Dog Photos

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I am taking a timeout this week, given that I’m not being paid to write. (See last week’s blog). So here’s a few photos of my adorable self instead.

I am wearing leather and looking hot and cute both!

I am wearing leather and looking hot and cute both!

My teddy bear is trying to get the upper hand, but I'm top dog!

My teddy bear is trying to get the upper hand, but I’m top dog!

I am hanging out with Harry the Hedgehog. Who's cuter? That's what I thought!

I am hanging out with Harry the Hedgehog. Who’s cuter? That’s what I thought!

The End, for the day, and for this post.

The End, for the day, and for this post.

Paws-ing on Deadline Conundrum

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I'm in my pajamas, which means I'm past deadline for playtime.

I’m in my pajamas, which means I’m past deadline for playtime.

I have deadlines, though I’m an unemployed long-haired miniature dachshund.

Call me Zoey, the CEO of Cuteness.

It may sound like I have a job, given my nickname, but what I do is volunteer work. I’m trying to help my BFF Shelley add a canine perspective to her blog, Shell’s Ink. I blog for free on Zoey’s Paw, where I’m the CEO, as well as Ms. Cuteness for being really, really cute.

I don’t earn a dime. I earn treats.

I’m paid in those meaty, cheesy, peanut-buttery things that take a second to scarf down, causing me to want more. So I keep doing good things to get the treats, working the system, but I’m still not working.

I have a kitchen cupboard all to myself with my dog food, treat stash and a spare dog bowl, but it’s above the far-away counters. I don’t have opposable thumbs, so I can’t open the cabinet door.

Given my limitations, I have to work for the extras, such as doing tricks and going potty in my potty box (I don’t have a big backyard); plus being good whenever my BFF leaves for work.

I don’t clock in or clock out, but I bark at everything, marking what’s occurring with noise, employing a verbal bookmark in the great life book.

I don’t have a To Do list, except to eat, sleep, play and, when it’s nice, go on walks. (I don’t walk on cold surfaces, by the way.)

And I don’t have an In-Box, though a Treat In-Box would be nice with treats coming in, piling up quicker than I could consume them.

What I do have is a blog, bringing me back to my original point: I blog without getting paid, not even in treats. I think it’s time for me to get something good to eat.


Where. Is. My. Treat?


Zoey: Boy Crazy

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As you can see, I'm with one of my favorite guys, Shelley's Dad!

As you can see, I’m with one of my favorite guys, Shelley’s Dad!

I love, love men, not males in the canine species, but the human form.

My guess is that you’re asking why.

As a female miniature long-haired dachshund, I like to be the center of attention.

Girl attention from my BFF Shelley and her friends and mother is nice and all, and I do enjoy getting petted, but male attention lets me know that I’ve still got it. What I mean is that I can stop traffic (well, foot traffic anyway, due to my close proximity to the ground) and hear humans say, “Isn’t she ___” (fill in with cute, pretty, beautiful and darling).

When men say this stuff, I know that I’m getting more attention than my BFF. I love that sometimes men look at me before they look at her. And when Shelley is dating somebody, I kiss him before she can.

This is my way of claiming my rights to be top dog, while reinstating my girl power.

Plus, I’m just a bit boy crazy.

I can’t actually be with boy dogs because, well, you know. But I can kiss male humans and wiggle my tail, showing off how cute I am. And they can kiss me back on the top of the head, letting me know that I’m wonderful and the best ever.

So, if you think I’m cute, hit Like. I actually think there should be a Cute button, so just pretend there’s one.

Golden Dog Books, Book 4

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Zoey uses her laptop to write another children's/puppy story.

Zoey uses her laptop to write anothyer children’s/puppy story.

Zoey White and the Seven Little Dogs (Zoey’s Version of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”)

Once upon a time, long, long ago, a lovely maiden sat by the window, sewing. As she worked, she thought, “If only I had a puppy, I would be so, so happy.” She got her wish when a dachshund puppy named Zoey entered her life.

But unfortunately, the maiden died.

The puppy got a new owner, an ugly, crooked lady who kept asking her mirrors to make her the fairest of them all. Meanwhile, the puppy grew into an adorable, beautiful creature with black-tipped ears and a long, fluffy tail. Everyone loved her, well, except for the crooked lady.

The lady took away the puppy’s leash and clothes and put her to work, not allowing her to go on walks or see the outdoors. The puppy wished for a handsome prince, but the lady wanted her to be very ugly, so that nobody could love her.
Not liking the competition, the lady sent the puppy into the woods. The puppy found a sweet little, tiny little doghouse and fell asleep on seven tiny beds.
The seven little dogs who slept in those very beds, smaller even than Zoey, came home singing about hi-ho, hi-ho stuff.

Zoey saw them and cried, “I know who you are” (having seen their names on their tiny little bed frames) “Zippy and Zappy and Pretty and Pappy, and Play, Jay and Fay. Hello, I’m Zoey of a beautiful Maiden.”

After telling the little dogs about the crooked lady, they guarded her and wouldn’t let her eat a poisoned dog treat. Alas, when Zoey’s love, a handsome dog prince named Zach, came into her life, the little dogs served as groomsmen and bridesmaids.

And so, Zoey and Zach lived happily ever after. They had puppies they named after the seven little dogs, minus one.

Zippy, Zappy, Pretty, Pappy, Fay and Play Jay, these are the names of the new loves of their lives.

How nice!