Sick Days for Bouncy Puppies

In All About Me, Seeking attention, Shelley Widhalm, Sleeping soundly on April 7, 2013 at 11:30 am

I'm sleeping very comfortably. Yum!

I’m sleeping very comfortably. Yum!

I like sick days.

Shelley, my BFF, was sick on Wednesday with a bad cold, chills and dizziness, so she stayed home all day. She was in bed with me, and I didn’t even go outside, because I wanted to make sure she was all right.

When she got up to make dinner, I looked at her like, “What are you doing? We’re cozy here. And aren’t you sick?”

“I’m hungry,” she said.

I followed her to the kitchen, but did she share?

“You don’t like this, remember?”

It was spicy microwave food.

No, I didn’t remember not liking anything.

I waited patiently by her chair, and she just ate and went back to bed, forgetting something important: feeding me. I followed her.

Where’s my treat? I pleaded with my eyes.

She just slept, and then she got up and started reading, still in bed.

I liked this, my bedfellow and I staying inside on a sunny spring day.

And, of course, I barked at all the sounds. The bonus was that Shelley apparently was too tired to tell me to be quiet.

So, when is the next sick day?


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