Dog Princess reflects on Food, Clothes

In Being Cute, Shelley and Zoey, Shelley Widhalm on May 19, 2013 at 11:30 am

Zoey is wearing her mechanic's shirt.

Zoey is wearing her mechanic’s shirt.

My blogging partner, Shelley, talked about in her blog this week how the quality of food and clothing has gone down because of something called the recession.

Clothes I can do without, but I put up with wearing them, except for the green and yellow frog pajamas that have both front and back legs. They make it hard for a busy miniature dachshund to be on the run. Plus, they make me look funny.

I, however, like anything that says “Princess,” because that’s what I am.

The reason I put up with wearing clothes is that they represent a marker for going out, not just on a walk but somewhere fun, like places with people or with big back yards. I have in my wardrobe sweaters, a winter jacket, a skirt (really, why do I need a skirt?), and some T-shirts that describe me as the Princess, the Dogtini, the Hard Rock Girl and the like.

As for food, I beg for it by standing on my hind legs and crossing my paws in front and sitting back down every two minutes because it’s a hard position to maintain. I get samples, but not whole meals for this work. I quickly chomp these down without thinking of quality, only quantity.

That’s because I WANT FOOD!

I eat my organic dog food (why do I have to be Ms. Organic Puppy?) when there’s nothing better around. I must admit that it tastes all right because meats are the first few ingredients with boring grains lower on the list.

My point in all of this is I’m not directly affected by economic factors, because my BFF Shelley will feed, clothe and love me no matter what. In my world, everything is always provided for me, and in exchange I give out my love, affection and cute face to admire.


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