The Pace of a Dog’s Life

In All About Me, Shelley Widhalm on June 23, 2013 at 11:30 am

Zoey sadly, but patiently, waits for playtime.

Zoey sadly, but patiently, waits for playtime.

I have two paces in my life as a pet dog – fast and fun, or slow and boring.

Except when I need a nap, I like the fast pace.

Unfortunately, Shelley my BFF leaves me all day when she goes to work, so the pace is really, really slow.

To pass the time, I bark at the trucks that drive by and any other noises I hear (Shelley caught me out when I didn’t hear her coming up the stairs, and I started barking at the trash truck).

If I’m not barking, I’m napping, choosing a new spot to nap or getting a drink of water.

When Shelley comes home after work, that’s when things pick up. She lets me out onto the patio, where I bark to let the neighbors know that I’m here, looking cute. If there’s nothing to bark at, I sit or lie down in the sun and take another nap.

A few minutes later, Shelley opens the patio door and asks me if I want to go on a walk. I
blink at her, and she picks me up and puts me in my pink harness.

We walk for a really long time, maybe stopping at a coffee shop so Shelley can read, and I can sit on the table and bark some more at the big dogs, bikes and anything that moves too fast.

I bark to slow them down back to my pace.

After a bit, Shelley and I go home, play chase or tug-of-war and head to bed.

I count the days – yes, dogs can count! – until the weekend when I get Shelley all to myself all day long. That’s when the pace of life really picks up.

Unfortunately, weekends are too short and fast-paced.

Go figure. And a big sigh from me.

  1. all of Zoey’s blogs [that I’ve read thus far] are really cute —
    she is unashamedly Zoey-centric but that’s only to be expected from such a cute cuddly loving dog … 🙂

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