Dog-terns in Action

In All About Me, Shelley Widhalm on June 30, 2013 at 11:30 am

Zoey loves running around and playing.

Zoey loves running around and playing.

I am a dog-tern at my BFF Shelley’s workplace.

Shelley takes me to work with her on Saturdays or Sundays, depending on her schedule. She, unfortunately, starts working after tossing me a couple of my special at-work toys.

I take one and run, inviting her to chase me, and she does for a few spins around the desks in the open newsroom.

“I’ve got to go back to work,” she says.

I take a nibble of food, a drink of water and pout. “Please,” I look up at Shelley with sad eyes, “play with me.”

Shelley responds by working.

I take off to explore the upstairs and downstairs, returning here and there to find out if Shelley is still sitting at her desk. If she is, I sink into nap status, pouting a little bit more, because I so badly need to play.

“Want to go with me?” Shelley asks, and I bolt upright to attention.

Where are we going? my wiggling tail emphasizes my urgent question.

Shelley takes me with her to an assignment, carrying me or putting me on the ground. When I’m on the ground, I want to explore the smells, but she wants me to stick around. I pull, and she pulls, and we are thrown into a tug-of-war game with me losing.

“Sorry,” I hear her say. “She won’t stay in one place. But I can’t leave her in the car.”
That’s right. It’s hot in the car.

Up in her arms I go, smooshed against her notebook as she tries to juggle me with note taking.

I want to tell her, stop writing about life and live it, i.e. let’s go play.

But obviously, it is work time for Shelley and as her dog-tern that means I have to pretend to be working, too. We go back to her office, and she writes and I explore, nap, explore and beg Shelley to play, which we get to do at the end of the day.

About time, I have to say.

I’m not about all work and no play. I prefer play and play some more.


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