Dog Clubs 101

In Dog Clubs, Shelley Widhalm on August 11, 2013 at 11:00 am

I want you to join my club!

I want you to join my club!

There’s book clubs, writing clubs, service clubs and clubs of special interests for humans, but there isn’t anything for dogs (or cats).

There are dog parks, doggie day camps and doggie play dates.

And there are breed specific clubs, such as the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, the Labrador Retriever Club and the National Greyhound Association, as well as the Dachshund Club of America (my favorite, by the way).

Though I would like to join the Dachshund Club of America and meet up with other dachshunds, the club is for breeders and dog owners. These humans want to show off how their dogs compete in agility courses, perform training tricks and compare in confirmation, or how closely an individual dog meets the ideal breed standard.

These clubs aren’t about us.

I would like to find (or even start) a dog club that meets once a week, such as in a dog-friendly coffee shop, where we could sit at our own table and bark, whine and howl.

I think a smelling or hearing club would be ideal, so we could trade tricks on how to improve our senses and find good sources of smells.

We’d discuss business over our dog-friendly cups of water and dog-licious treats. We might even select a club president, a role I don’t want because I prefer being the secretary. I like to take notes and am quite literate, unlike some dogs that don’t blog.

Once we got the formalities squared away, we would plan dog outings free of leashes (and humans), visit dog-friendly places and experience the great outdoors, running wild and free in our new pack.

This club is henceforth the Dachshund Club of a Particularly Smart Breed.


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