The Process vs. the Product of Being Cute

In All About Me, Being Cute, Cute Dogs, Shelley Widhalm on August 18, 2013 at 11:30 am


Being cute takes work.

As a long-haired miniature dachshund with pizzazz, I not only need to appear cute, but I have to act cute.

Granted when my BFF Shelley took me home at 9 weeks, I already was cute and adorable with my stubby rounded nose, floppy ears and large eyes, the typical softened features of the young.

Even porcupines and hippopotamuses are adorable in their fuzziness.

With me, I didn’t stop being cute as I grew into an adult, because I employed both the process of and the product of cuteness.

Here’s how I acted cute as a puppy:

• The first time I heard a bird sing, I cocked my head and looked around, wonderment in my eyes.
• During my first snowstorm, I was light enough to walk on top of the snow until it started melting, and then I fell in. My face showed shock and surprise. “Why had that changed?” I said with my eyes.
• I played hard until exhaustion, dropped for two minutes of sleeping, jumped back up and played some more.
• When it snowed, I liked standing on the snow piles and biting at the falling snow or pushing it off with my nose to watch it fall.
• I ran around the coffee table, barking, squealing and wagging my tail when Shelley came home from work, greeting her with all my love and enthusiasm.

As a cute adult dog:

• I stand on my hind legs and cross my paws when I want something.
• I run halfway up to the landing in our walk-up and peer down at Shelley, tilting my head as if saying, “Well, aren’t you coming?”
• I sit tall and proud on coffee shop tables, watching the passersby, wiggling my tail in hopes they’ll stop and pet me.

Now, here’s some physical evidence of my cuteness, or the product of my being cute. I’ve been told I’m pretty, have an adorable face, have dainty features and have beautiful fur. See for yourself.


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